Going Green in New Jersey

Have you heard the news! Green real estate is getting lots of buzz. More and more homebuyers are looking for ways to increase their green footprint. They are looking for that perfect home and yard that will give them eco-luxury. Going Green in Tuckerton, Little Egg Harbor, Manahawkin New Jersey is happening as we know it.

Not only are we worried about our cleaning supplies being green, but now we want our homes to be green also. Homes with amenities like Gammpar floors, LEED-certified building materials, double-paned windows and even docking stations for electric cars! Also, homes that boast features like rainwater harvesting, passive air ventilation, reclaimed fixtures and recycled content tile and flooring.

This may all seem very over-whelming, but there are a lot of sites on the web that will help you fully understand just what finding a “green” home entails. It will be worth the research and will make your life more comfortable in the long run. Just “Google” the words “green real estate”, for starters. Enjoy the search and learn what makes a “green” home; a home that you want to be a part of. We all want to do our part and so let’s enjoy all of the eco-luxury that we can.

Just a side note – there’s no denying that the mortgage meltdown has meant tragedy for many home owners. But take a look around. You’ll see there’s very positive activity in many vibrant markets throughout the US especially in Tuckerton, Little Egg Harbor, Manahawkin New Jersey areas. By focusing on the good news and passing the message around, we can help speed up the market recovery. Don’t panic, let’s all do our part!

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