Owning a Home: The American Dream

Have you ever desired the house of your dreams whether it was in another state or right here in the Tuckerton, Litle Egg Harbor, or Manahawkin New Jersey area? We call it “The American Dream.”

Wikipedia describes the American Dream as a belief in freedom that allows all citizens and residents of the United States of America to achieve their goals in life through hard work. A part of that American Dream is to own our own home, you know, that proverbial house with the white picket fence.

Americans have a long tradition of a solid work ethic to reach their dreams. No doubt about it, it does take a lot of work to own your own home. Over the years, the American Dream has changed a bit in relation to finding that home. Years ago it was much simpler. You purchased a plot of land and built your house on it. Now we spend hours and hours looking for the right area to live; the right schools for our children; and the perfect house with the perfect yard. We have to make sure the house we buy has the best of everything. This can be exhausting!

In spite of today’s complexities, the American Dream is still alive – dreaming of making a better life for ourselves and our families. We have high hopes and great expectations. Our goals are founded on those high hopes, and we will do anything to achieve them.

America is known as the land of plenty, the land of opportunity, and the land of destiny. Free enterprise is at the foundation of that dream. In relation to owning our own home, the possibilities are limitless in America. We have so many choices and are very fortunate. In America, owning your own home (private property) is a fundamental, unalienable right. This American Dream is real, and it can be achieved.

The paradox is: some people say that we are working so hard to make the American Dream happen that we are not taking the time to enjoy the American Dream.

I am here to help you not only make your dreams come true but to help you enjoy the process of finding the home of your dreams in the Tuckerton, Litle Egg Harbor, and Manahawkin New Jersey areas.

So live your dream, but enjoy the journey!

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