Real Estate – it’s not going away!

The oldest use of the term “Real Estate” that has been preserved in historical records was in 1666. In other words, real estate has been around for a very long time. However, it is not going away! It will be around until the end of time. What a comfort that is. With the slump that is happening, it is a reassurance to know that even if the economy gets bad, real estate is here to stay.

Real Estate is a legal term, according to Wikipedia, that encompasses land along with anything permanently affixed to the land, such as buildings, specifically property that is stationary, or fixed in location. The word “fixed” is the keyword here, meaning unmovable. Real Estate is here to stay!

Wikipedia also states that it has been argued that the word Real is derived from “royal”. For hundreds of years the Royal family and/or King owned the land, and the peasants paid rent or property taxes to be on the Royal’s land. Today, just like hundreds of years in the past, we pay property taxes, or rent to be on the government’s land or the Royal Estate. Isn’t it great to know that even though we do have to pay property taxes our homes are owned by us and not a king or government or royal family!

This article has been a little bit about the history of Real Estate, but thankfully there is a great future for real estate. Make your own future and invest in “Real” estate.

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